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Board Meeting Minutes, August 13, 2005

LHA Headquarters.....Franklin Grove
August 13, 2005

CALL TO ORDER: President Wayne Silvius called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.

ATTENDANCE: Wayne Silvius, Everett Kraft, Harvey Wiebenga, Carl and Sue Jacobson, Lynn Asp, Kay Shelton....Ron Colson arrived 1:30 pm.

MINUTES: Secretary, Sue Jacobson read the minutes of the July 9th meeting. Everett made the motion to accept the minutes as read, seconded by Harvey; carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer, Carl Jacobson reported the income as $2,713.27; expenses $1,665.40; balance $1047.87; Money Market account $5,150.44.


HEADQUARTERS REPORT: Lynn reported the placements designed and made by Kent Bell, sold for $2 each. Kent was to contact Ruth for photos of the LH and design an attractive, laminated placemat for the chapter. The IL Chapter receives 70 cents from the sale of each mat. He has also designed mats with other themes.The group discussed various photos to use on the placemats. It was decided to have the HQs' photo at the top of each mat with different photos of the LH across IL, and possibly some national pictures on some mats. Having photos by counties was suggested, also points of interest within a few miles of the highway, such as The John Deere Museum, Ronald Reagan's Home, etc. Sue was to contact Ruth for photos from each county and report to the board at the Nov.12th meeting. The group discussed trying to get a person from each county to serve on the board. This would help us with obtaining photos, plus getting information about activities and news from each IL area for the newsletter.

The Festival Weekend sales went well. Many of Brian Butko's books were sold.

There have been lots of travelers, more phone calls and e-mails from many states. Calls about the AAA guidebooks were not always related to the LH. Inquiries about the tunnel in NY and the Statue of Liberty were examples mentioned. Inspite of high gas prices, people are traveling and stopping in at HQs.

Everett suggested we capitalize on short trips, provide postcards, maps, etc. for travelers/visitors.

FRANKLIN GROVE FESTIVAL GARAGE SALE: Two couples worked all day and took in $35.55; entry fee $5; profit $30.55.

JULY 16th PICNIC MEETING: Only about a dozen people came. We'll try it again next year.

SEPT. 10th FALL MEETING: Information concerning the meeting was in the newly printed newsletter. Everett gave the board an informative presentation of the plans for the activities, entertainment, food, antique cars, etc. There will be a re-creation of the opening of the 1920 paved section of the LH between Dixon and Sterling at the intersection of Mound Road and the Old LH. Everett has photos of that celebration which will be on display. President, Wayne Silvius and State Director Laura Nekola will do the ribbon cutting honors. Everett made a request of the board to provide a lunch for each driver of an antique car. Harvey made the motion to do so, seconded by Kay; carried. For prizes, it was decided to give winners one of the new placemats. Harvey made the motion to give mats as prizes, seconded by Wayne; carried.

STATE DIRECTOR'S REPORT: Laura is still working at the Grand Canyon library in AZ.

COALITION REPORT: Harvey had nothing to report.

NEWSLETTER: The current issue was distributed to the board members and would be mailed to the membership that week. It had the reservation forms for the Sept. 10th meeting which were to be sent to the treasurer by Sept. 5th.

WEBSITE: The two NIU library employees working with Kay, should have the information/permission from Rich Bunton and have the website up and running soon.

FESTIVALS: Steve Bingham told Wayne a booth at the Lincoln Highway Days in Rochelle, August 27 & 28 would be too expensive. Wayne will have a LH sign on his car in the parade.

NEW BUSINESS: Sue brought samples of postcards which the IN Chapter of LHA had sold. We were to determine if we could do something similar for a fund raiser. Pictures used for the placemats could be used for the postcards. The project was tabled for future discussion.

50/50 drawing or Bingo is legal if the local municipality has it legalized in their jurisdiction. It was decided to do a 50/50 drawing at the Sept. 10th meeting, if we can get someone to sell tickets!

Ron Colson distributed flyers inviting people to a Hobo Supper, featuring our national member Hobo, Red Bird Express, aka Karl Teller, on Tues. Aug 23rd at the Chaplin Creek Historical Village in Franklin Grove. Supper at 6 p.m., program at 7 p.m.

Lynn reported a local teacher was to attend a conference and asked Lynn for some items to display. The people there seemed interested in the display. Lynn asked Sue to contact a local teacher, Susan Drisman with info on a class presentation about the Lincoln Highway.

Sue told the group of her receiving an e-mail from Ryan Mouw of Lt. Governor Pat Quinn's office in Chicago regarding any car tours taking place on the LH. After several e-mailings, Ryan reported Lt. Governor Quinn would be interested in some sort of tour in Sept. 2006 and that their office would be in touch with us. The members discussed the issue and made several suggestions which were to be carried over to another board meeting.

Wayne suggested having Kay Shelton serve as a board member. Everett made the motion; seconded by Harvey.The board unanimously agreed. Welcome to Kay!!

The next board meeting was set for Nov. 12th at HQs; 12:30-2:30.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm

Sue Jacobson, secretary